DIY holiday nails! Easy, at-home merry manicures

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PHOENIX -- If there's no time in your busy holiday schedule to make it to the nail salon, we have some easy tips on a do-it-yourself holiday manicure.

On Friday's Good Morning Arizona, Yetta Gibson visited 20 Lounge in Scottsdale to find out how to create some festive nail art.

One idea uses a base coat and simple craft glitter. Make sure to always use a top coat. You can even paint a number or a picture on a nail.

Many of these ideas came from You Tube, which has plenty of creative designs and videos to walk you through nail art creations. Pinterest is also full of photos and ideas.

To keep it simple, pick two or three colors and stick with that scheme, instead of a rainbow of colors. Red and white always looks classic and 'polished.'