"No Burn Days" in Arizona help keep our air safe for all!

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By Ashley Carter By Ashley Carter

PHOENIX -- We all love winters here in the valley.  The cool temperatures along with holiday parties make it seem like the perfect time to light a fire in your fire place or outdoor chimineas.  Unfortunately, many other people will also light a fire on, “No Burn Days,” which causes unhealthy levels of PM-2.5 (smoke) in the air.

These conditions pose a serious health risk to the elderly, children with asthma and folks with respiratory issues.  The particles can be absorbed into the blood stream and decrease lung function, exacerbate bronchitis and asthma and increase chances for heart attacks and premature death.

Another concern is if the PM-2.5 problem is not corrected, Maricopa County will fall out of attainment with federal health standards, which means more burdensome and costly federal regulations and may also result in fines.

Because of those reasons, the Maricopa County Department of Air Quality (MCAQD) issues “No Burn Days” throughout the holiday season, when conditions warrant.

During a “No Burn Day” MCAQD is asking everyone to not light a wood-burning fire.  It is ok to burn wood on other days. On “No Burn days” you may use a gas or electric fireplace or an Environmental Protection Agency approved device.

To find out if it is a no burn day, go to www.cleanairmakemore.com or call 602-506-6400.

Please help keep our air clean and our residents healthy by not burning wood or wax logs on a No Burn Day. “Don’t Let Our Air Go Up in Smoke.”