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Celebrity hidden talents!!!

Dwayne the rock Johnson - singing. This tough guys a silk voice.

Ed O'Niel - black belt in martial arts. He can make us laugh and keep us protected

Sandra Bullock - speaks fluent German. The world traveler loves different cultures.

Matthew Morrison - has delivered babies! His dad is a midwife. Works with kids and can bring them into the world

Susan Saradon - is a super awesome ping pong player. Star of stage and screen this red head can use a paddle with the best of them

David Arquette - loves to knit! He may be a party boy, but he can make a sweater with matching mittens too!

Kyle's Hidden Talent - Double jointed fingers and elbows. Kyle's hidden talents come from her grandmother.

JohnJay's Hidden Talent - Wiggling eyebrows, nostrils and ears all at the same time. Anytime there is a party Johnjay whips out his hidden talent.

Suzanne's Hidden Talent - Sewing and Photography. Sewing with a needle and thread is something Suzanne loves to do!