Car wash employee fired after turning in drugs found inside vehicle

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- An employee claims he found drugs in a customer's car and then lost his job for doing the right thing.

The worker says he was fired when he called police.

It's just one of several cases law enforcement is investigating about Danny's Family Car Wash. One of them involves the company allegedly hiring illegal immigrants.

An investigation initiated Monday morning involves cocaine.   

When an employee at a Scottsdale location went to detail a white sedan, an illicit white substance inside the car caught his eye.

"I had found a rather large bag of what I assumed at the time to be either cocaine or crack cocaine," Joshua Dahl said.
He took it to his boss, who told him to put the baggie back in the car. Dahl said he didn't believe that was morally right, so he took it to the police instead.

"I was told that if I would bring it to the police officer I would have been fired, we did not want to get the police involved in the situation, assuming that we were already having issues with authorities on probably I'm going to assume on account of the immigration status that we are facing multiple charges on currently," he said.

Dahl did end up getting fired.

Scottsdale police confirm to 3TV that the substance Dahl found was in fact cocaine. Officers say the investigation into the drugs is in its infancy. 

Danny Hendon referred 3TV to his lawyer, Eric Falbe.

"He removed something out of a customer's car without permission and at that point, he exceeded his scope of authority, so he was terminated for that," Falbe said. "We don't have any way of determining whether substances are illicit or non illicit, so we're not in the business of making those determinations."

"I'd love to work, but coming into the Christmas season it's going to be hard on my finances, but do I feel I did what was right both morally and ethically? Yes," Dahl said.

As for whose cocaine was at the car wash, part of the police investigation is to speak with the vehicle's registered owner. At this time, no one has been arrested and an arrest may never be made.