Consumers can expect accurate prices in drugstore aisles

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Just in time for cold and flu season, there's good news for consumers about the prices they're being charged for medicines.

Throughout November and December, inspectors from the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures conducted unannounced inspections in pharmacy aisles throughout the state, to make sure that the price advertised on medicine products matched what was being charged at the cash register.

36 businesses, including grocery stores, big box stores and stand-alone pharmacies were inspected. Inspectors found a 98.5 percent compliance rating

950 individual cold and flu products were scanned at the cash register.  Of those, only 14 items were rang up at a higher cost than the price advertised.

Officials also discovered 42 cold and flu medicine products that scanned at less than the price advertised, with $76.19 in undercharges benefiting consumers.

In addition, Department officials also audited 4,407 pharmacy products as displayed on store shelves to ensure a price was clearly marked.  Price posting inspections resulted in a near perfect 99 percent compliance rating.  According to state law, any item found missing a price or found with a scanning discrepancy must be fixed within 30 minutes or the products are removed from the sales floor.

“Overall, these results are encouraging to Arizona consumers, yet it’s important to note that every scanning discrepancy at the cash register affects a business’s bottom line,” stated Kevin Tyne, Director of the Department of Weights and Measures. “In the end, retail should view these results as an opportunity to review and ensure their own pricing maintenance programs are efficient.” added Tyne.

For more information or to file a complaint, call the Department of Weights and Measures at (602) 771-4920 or visit their website at