Holiday humor: Comedian Anjelah Johnson comes to Stand Up Live

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Ready for some holiday humor? Former cheerleader-turned-comedian Anjelah Johnson brings her particular brand of funny to the Stand Up Live comedy venue this weekend.

Johnson was born and raised in San Jose, California and is of Mexican and Native American descent. She is one of five children and has a large extended family that she remains close to.

In the beginning of her career, Johnson was a professional cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. As an Oakland Raiderette, she was named Rookie of the Year and even performed in Super Bowl XXXVII.

After that year she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of acting. She became an internet sensation with her viral video "Nail Salon" which led to many stand-up and performance opportunities.

"IT's so fun," she says. "I mean, traveling the country, telling jokes, meeting people in all these different cities. It's pretty cool."

That same year she joined the cast of "MADtv" as a series regular, which spawned another internet sensation "Bon Qui Qui." This original character, a disgruntled fast food employee with no filter, has been enjoyed, viewed and replicated by over fifty-five million people worldwide.

Recently, Anjelah recorded and released a full length rap song and music video as Bon Qui Qui with more tracks in the works. She's appeared in multiple ads and commercials , and has had guest-starring roles on shows like Ugly Betty, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and in several movies.

She will be appearing at Stand Up Live at 50 W. Jefferson St. in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday nights. For tickets and showtimes visit or call 480-719-6100.