Party Girl Diet: Overnight makeover

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- The holidays can be a tough time for dieters, with tasty treats and temptations around every corner.

But Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley visited Good Morning Arizona Friday with some great tips on surviving the holiday social season without sabotaging your diet and fitness programs.

Her plan was created for busy people who don't always have time to fit in a visit to the gym or spa. The Party Girl Diet's Overnight Makeover offers fun, practical solutions, and secrets to looking party perfect overnight.

Hurley began with party snacks. "These are the snacks on the Party Girl Diet 3-Day Kickstart Plan," Hurley says. "The whole concept behind the Party Girl Diet is that you can eat what you want, drink wine, eat chocolate, enjoy your life, and in essence, keep the party going while you lose the weight."

"The premise is, when you eat more whole foods and good foods is, you can eat more," she continued.

The Overnight Makeover is a good jump-start diet, and includes salmon, asparagus and lots of water. "Drink eight glasses of water," she advises. Also consider hummus, avocado, shrimp cocktail and yogurt. No cheese, no butter and no salt.

Even chocolate-covered strawberries are even a good choice. "They're rich in Vitamin C," Hurley says. "And chocolate puts you in a good mood."

No time for the gym?  No problem. "You can't change your body overnight," Hurley cautions. "But you can do a routine to help your body look more toned and firm." 

She demonstrated a few exercises from the Party Girl Diet's Toned-by-Tonight Workout designed to make muscles looked more toned & defined by nightfall. Exercises include bicep curls with light weights

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The Party Girl Diet Kindle/E-book Edition will be FREE to Good Morning Arizona viewers on Friday, Dec. 13 and Saturday, Dec. 14 on  No promo code is needed.

The book chronicles the history of fad diets, offers 9 Priceless Keys to Good Living, and documents the most trusted and respected health and nutrition research is one "easy to digest" survival guide.

While the name is fun, The Party Girl Diet is not a fad diet; it is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle patterned after the nutrition and fitness secrets of the longest living cultures on earth.