Lake Havasu to be lowered for Parker Dam work

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LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. (AP) -- Lake Havasu's water level is about to start going down.
The Bureau of Reclamation plans to lower the lake's water level by three feet for about eight weeks in order to work on the Parker Dam's filtering system.
According to the Today's News-Herald newspaper, the lowering of the Colorado River lake will start Sunday and likely be completed by Dec. 16.
Hydrologist Dan Bunk says the lake may remain at the lower level -- 445 about mean sea level -- well into February.
The dam's filtering system removes objects such as tree branches and beach balls from the waterway.
The current apparatus are original to the dam and 75 years old.
Bureau officials say the lowering could expose additional navigational hazards such as rock and sandbars.