Ugly Sweater Party

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Ugly Sweater Party

Dig in the back of the closet and find that sweater you swore you would never wear! It's time for the Ugly Sweater Party! Nothing gets people in the party spirit faster than playing dress-up. What better reason then to sport your ugly/tacky sweaters for the holiday season.

Keys to an Ugly Sweater Party

1. Get Creative and Make it Count

Our guests really went all out for this party's fashions. Suzanne got her sweater from a local thrift store and paired it with a flashing light necklace from Walgreens. Kyle raided her Mom's closet and came out with priceless pieces. Rachel made it her own by putting her daughter to work. Robert pulled out the stops by adding real ornaments, puffy decorations and tinsel. Grey rocked a crazy pattern while Fiona sported traditional holiday theme with vibrant colors.

2. Add Fun Props

To add a light-hearted element all guests utilized fun props to make their outfits unique for the situation. Find FREE printables online and make your own props for a custom look and added element.

Download Free Printables Here