Your Life A to Z Recipe: Monday,December 9th, 2013: Skinny Cocktails

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Skinny Cocktails
By: Mixologist David Roegge

The Wimbledon
Yield:    1 serving                           

2 each            Basil leaves
.5 oz            Agave nectar
2 oz            Grapefruit juice
As needed        Champagne

1.    Muddle the basil leaves with the avave nectar. Add the grapefruit juice and ice.

2.    Top off with the Champagne and stir

Santa’s helper
Yield:    1 serving                           

1.5 oz            Makers Mark bourbon
1.5 oz            Orange juice       
1 oz            Cinnamon infused agave nectar
1 tsp            Egg white
As needed        Grated cinnamon

1.    Combine Makers Mark, orange juice, agave nectar and egg white in a pint glass. Add ice and shake vigorously.

2.    Strain over a double rocks glass and top with a little grated cinnamon