GMAZ playlist: Wednesday, Dec. 4

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

457a    Baby Love, Supremes
514a    Rough Water, Travie Mccoy
530a    Winter Holiday, Emanuel Kallins
533a    Winter Wonderland, Emanuel Kallins
602a    Rockabilly Jangle, Emanuel Kallins
612a    One More Night, Maroon 5
651a    Diamonds, Rhianna
700a    Refuge, John Legend
721a    Snow Outside, Dave Matthews Band
757a    Here Comes Santa Claus, Mariah Carey
800a    Crazy In Love, Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z
820a    Waiting For Superman, Daughtry
826a    Hey Oh, Red Hot Chili Peppers
952a    Deck The Halls, Geoff Levin
900a    Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood
920a    Oh Santa!, Mariah Carey
923a    Millionaire's Club, Alec Williams
927a    Feel Again, Onerepublic

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