Cyber Monday good for Valley businesses

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Cyber Monday usually conjures images of huge, faceless online businesses, not Ma and Pa Kettle's corner store.  But Valley businesses said they use this day to shake-up their holiday sales as well -- one click at a time.

Business as usual rolls on 364 days a year at State Bicycle Co.  But that 365th day, Cyber Monday, rides a little nicer.

“It's Unbelievable,” said Eric Ferguson, State Bicycle Co. co-owner. “I think last year we were up, you know, we did 200 percent [from the year before].  And this year we did 200 percent over what we did the previous year.”

Founded in 2009, the Tempe-based custom bike business has a retail shop at 2530 N. 7th St. in Phoenix, but it's online where the bicycle business peddles best.  The company offers big deals for the online shopping holiday.

“It allows businesses who aren’t online super-giants necessarily, but focus their efforts on online retailing, to share in the same experience,” said Ferguson.

Cyber Monday isn't just a big boost for local businesses; it's also a launch pad.

Brainpower supplement company Mental Mojo just opened up a two months ago, founded by ASU law students who wanted to create a product to help students study.  Mental Mojo co-founder Ganes McCulloch said he wanted to provide a safe alternative for the many law students who turn to energy drinks and even prescription drugs to help stay awake in the high stakes academic environment.

“What we wanted to do is allow them not just to be awake, but be mentally efficient. That way their mind's working at the sharpest level possible to maximize the limited study hours that they have,” said McCulloch.

The online shopping holiday couldn't fall at a better time to help Mental Mojo think green - as in money.  This Cyber Monday was a record day for the young company.

“It comes at a critical time for students.  It's right before finals start so never is there a greater need for a product like Mental Mojo,” said Ganes.

So while you're clicking around for some Christmas deals don't forget that both you and local businesses can ride into the holiday with a little extra cash.