Generous mother thankful for adopted children

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PEORIA, Ariz. -- Amy Flanagan never dreamt she'd be setting the Thanksgiving table for seven of her own kids but every year she has more and more family to be thankful for.

Grant is the fifth child Flanagan has adopted and is the newest addition to the Flanagan family.

This officially became his forever home earlier this month on National Adoption Day.

"There's just such a need out there," said Flanagan. "We have 15,000 kids in Arizona living in shelters or foster homes and they just want someone to care about them even if just a couple weeks, a couple months or forever, it makes a difference."

Flanagan's biological son Griffin is 13.

"When he was 2 1/2 years old he came to me and said 'mommy can we go to the store and buy a baby sister?'"

Now, 30 foster children and 5 adoptions later, Griffin officially has 3 sisters, Cassandra, Chloe, and Gabby and 2 brothers Gage and Grant. He also has one foster brother.

"I never know at Christmas, someone will say how many grandkids do you have and I’ll say at this point I have this many but by Christmas who knows," said Amy’s proud mom Barbara Flanagan.

That's because each time this working single mom thinks she's done she falls in love with another child in need.

"Even if you're not their forever family, every child deserves to feel loved and taken care of," said Flanagan. "I will foster as long as we can continue to do so."

This Thanksgiving she and her family are thankful for their ever growing family but Flanagan realizes she may have reached capacity for the time being.

"I joke my car only seats 8 so we’re at the max automobile wise."

Flanagan’s heart is clearly too big for her car. Needless to say she already has her eye on a Nissan that seats 12.