Montgomery: Kids chairity cashing in on CPS crisis

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery slammed one of the state’s most influential children’s advocacy groups, accusing its leaders of trying to profit off the crisis now plaguing Arizona’s Child Protective Services.

Mr. Montgomery described some of the outrage directed at CPS’s failure to investigate more than 6,000 cases of reported child abuse as political theater and singled out the Children’s Action Alliance.

“They cherry pick issues, they’ve constantly been defenders of the status quo and CPS,” Montgomery said Tuesday afternoon following a tapping of 3TV’s political show, Politics Unplugged.

Last week, the children’s charity called on Gov. Jan Brewer to fire Clarence Carter, the director of the Department of Economic Security that oversees CPS. Mr. Montgomery believes the children’s group is part of the problem, having stood in the way of numerous reform efforts of the embattled agency.  

“And for them now to jump on the band wagon as well when they could have been part of reform that could have forestalled this, yeah, that’s a little too little too late,” Mr. Montgomery said.

The Maricopa County lawman, who sits on the CPS Oversight Committee, saved his harshest criticism for last Instead of solely looking out for the best interest of these potentially abused kids, Montgomery said the charity is motivated by money.

“Now they’re trying to use this incident and these 6,000 cases as a fundraising vehicle,” Montgomery said. “I quite frankly am appalled and disgusted by it.”