Daughter of killer in cold case murder speaks out

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Alison Mims By Erin Kennedy Alison Mims By Erin Kennedy
Patrick Ryon By Erin Kennedy Patrick Ryon By Erin Kennedy
Sheresa By Erin Kennedy Sheresa By Erin Kennedy
Alison Mims By Erin Kennedy Alison Mims By Erin Kennedy

PHOENIX -- A family has been waiting since 1980 for justice in a murder case, but they have to wait a little while longer.

Patrick Ryon, 54, was scheduled to be sentenced in the decades old murder case of Alison Mims, but his sentencing has been deferred until next week.

Mike Watkiss spoke with Ryon’s daughter Sheresa and learned about the effects of the murder case on her. Sheresa has asked to go only by her first name.

“It’s just such a difficult place to be in because Patrick is my father,” Sheresa said.

Ryon recently entered a guilty plea in the 33-year-old cold case murder.

“I can’t imagine loving somebody that much and then being missing or not having answers to know where they are or what happened to them. How agonizing that would be,” Sheresa said.

Mims, 19 at the time, was last seen leaving a wedding reception in late December 1980. She had volunteered to take her best friend’s boyfriend, Ryon, home because he said he was too drunk to drive.
According to Ryon, Mims dropped him off at his father’s house and he never saw her again.

A missing person’s search went on for Mims, but it wasn’t until seven years later that her remains were discovered in the North Valley.

Another two decades passed until DNA tests identified the remains in 2010. Soon after, Ryon was arrested for Mims’ murder.

“I’ll love him no matter what,” Sheresa said. “Whatever happened or didn’t happen, or whatever transpires in the future, I’ll still love him because he’s my father.”

Sheresa’s mother is the one time best friend of Mims. Her mother was not aware Ryon was her friend’s murderer, and went on to marry and have two children, including Sheresa, with him.

“All I can do is choose to be respectful and cherish Alison’s memory and be respectful and cherish the people who love her,” Sheresa said.