Recent rains keep Valley roofers busy

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The big rains over the weekend mean some big business for Valley roofers.

"Our company, we'll get 200 calls a day, plus," said Jack Ruffiro of Jack the Roofer. He's been in the roofing business 19 years here in the Valley.

He says when it rains, it pours, with customers complaining about leaky roofs. Ruffiro says it's not necessarily the rain causing the leaks but the sun's damage coming to light.

"Problems of the sun baking the roof or drying the roof to a point where it is no longer waterproof," said Ruffiro. He adds that many people had problems before the rain; they just didn't know it until water leaked into their homes.

Jack the Roofer advises annual checkups on your roof if it's seven years or older. It could save you big problems the next time the raindrops fall.

If you have a leaky roof right now, you may have to wait for a roofer. Ruffiro says to watch the weather, be patient, and be clear with your roofer about the issue. Most will come patch or tarp the area until they can properly address the issue.