Black Friday shoppers already lining up for deals

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

You might call Mike Bernardi, 32, a deal-seeking gladiator because for the past 11 years Bernardi has been first in line at the Best Buy off McDowell and Litchfield roads in Goodyear.

But the shopping warrior says it takes strategy to accomplish that title.

"As you get known in one location, people try to beat you here and we have to stay one step ahead of them, " Bernardi said.

Bernardi first set up camp a day or two before Black Friday in the early 2000s, but says the last few years it's turned into nearly a week of camping out to make sure he is first in line.

"Last year I was telling them I'll show up Monday, but kept it a secret and came Saturday night instead."

Last year more then 150 million people braved the lines during Black Friday weekend spending nearly $60 billion in the three-day period.