Roof repairs soar as wet weather persists

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

VALLEYWIDE -- It has rained and it has drizzled, and the lingering wetness is causing last-minute problems for homeowners.

"People are coming in to get our roof wet patch, which will help patch up shingles," said Duane Birch, a Home Depot install specialist.

Birch says he has been directing more customers than usual to the roof repair aisle since rain hit the Valley on Friday.

Some people have been purchasing tarps to stop leaks, but Birch emphasized that wet patch and tarps are only temporary fixes that do not solve the underlying problem.

"It's just a quick bandaid, really, for your roof," Birch said.

Roofer Josh Hardin spent Saturday morning stocking up on supplies.

"I'm just out fixing about 200 or 300 leaks everywhere," Hardin said. "Yesterday, we had to tear a whole ceiling out, tear the insulation out for the homeowner -- everything -- because it was, it was ruined."

According to Hardin, the weather is bittersweet from a business standpoint.

"I guess it's good for business, you know, but I hate it for the people," Hardin said.

Birch said the bright side for people having problems now is that they will be better prepared the next time the sky opens up.

"It's been a long drizzle, so a lot of people don't realize it till the last minute," he said.