Hot Girls Pearls help you keep your cool

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Hot Girls Pearls were created by Constance Sherman when she was put on medication that turned her into a "towering Inferno" for years, with no end in sight. After trying everything available to cure the problem, she decided that 'wearing ice cubes' around her neck would work. So that's exactly what she did.

Sherman bought some plastic ice cubes, taped them to a string, and froze them. Realizing how good they felt, she decided that if she could just make them to look like great costume jewelry, she could wear them all the time, and no one would know what they were.

Although she had no background in engineering, business, or manufacturing, she decided to   create  a prototype. Seeing how great it looked and worked, she found someone who could make her idea to a reality. Just 14 months later,  Hot Girls Pearls hit the market.

Two weeks after she began selling them to little shops in her New York City neighborhood, the unique necklaces were featured on "Today." Then they showed up in "O The Oprah Magazine", as well as on "The View" and "Katie."

All of a sudden, word was spreading among women -- and not just those suffering not only from menopausal hot flashes. Women with medical conditions, golfers, tennis players, sailors, spas and salons started wearing Hot Girls Pearls. Hollywood makeup artists even used then on actors who are getting made up under those hot studio lights.

While the "pearls" can retain their cooling qualities for up to 45 minutes, Sherman also came up with a specially designed travel purse containing an ice pad. When the wearer takes the pearls and purse out for the day or evening, the purse acts like a mini-refrigerator, and will keep the pearls cool for up to four hours until they go back into the freezer at home or office.