Yarnell residents prep for storm

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

YARNELL, Ariz. --While the Valley could see a couple of inches of rain, the town of Yarnell, Arizona could see double that amount. And the potential for flash flooding in that area is a very real possibility.

This summer's raging wildfires in Yarnell changed the landscape of the area. And now, residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the fires back in June are trying to protect their rebuilding efforts from potential rain running off the fire-scarred mountains.

"Well, the chips, they slow the water down before it hits the straw bales," says Yarnell resident Sam Pier. "It keeps the water from coming in, and saves the water for the shade trees, too."

The flames left very little to catch rain that falls too fast, and that leaves residents worried, especially those in the hardest-hit areas.

"We really got burned here, really good," says Joel Simmons, who lost three homes in the fire. He has been putting sandbags in place to protect the place he's now renting.  "This area was catching a lot of the run-off, and it was going to head off into the garage," he says.

Others in the fire-scarred neighborhood are doing the same, forming lines of sandbags and making sure ditches are clear.