3OYS confronts mobile mechanic who kept $2,600

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Don Parker said a rock recently hit his engine. The next thing he knew, black smoke was blowing out and his bike no longer worked. Eager to get back on the road, Parker called Joe Klee from Iron Dragon Cycles for help.

"In his ad he's a master mechanic," Parker said. "He travels to us, he would do the repairs here at the house and we didn't have to tow it anymore, so it made it a lot more simple."

Klee not only inspected the bike. Parker said the "mobile mechanic" also convinced him to have his insurance company pay for the repair.

"He goes, 'You have insurance, don't you?'" Parker said. "And I said, 'Sure.' He goes, 'Well, report it as an insurance claim. It's just like wrecking a car.'"

The insurance company wound up cutting a check for $2,600, money that Parker turned over to Klee.

"They cashed the check to me," Parker said. "I gave the money to him. He gave me my receipts and then that's when all the trouble started."

Parker said Klee took off with all the cash and completely disappeared.

So, Parker contacted 3 On Your Side. We discovered Klee has a troubled past, including a theft conviction. After looking for Klee, we tracked him down at a Home Depot and asked when Parker is going to get his money back.

"When the insurance gives it back to him," Klee said.

"He gave the money to you, sir," Gary Harper said.

"Yes, and it has to go back to the insurance company," Klee said.

Harper even offered to be the middle man.

"I'm not giving you the money," Klee said.

"But you stole it," Harper said.

"It's going back to the insurance company," Klee said.

"You stole the insurance money," Harper said. "You took $2,600. What did you do with it, buy a new motorcycle? How many people you ripping off?"

"Nobody," Klee said.

"So you rip off one person and that's enough?" Harper asked.

Klee remained hiding in the employee lounge trying to dodge 3 On Your Side.

As for Parker, he's disgusted.

"He needs to give me my money back," Parker said. "And people need to know that this stuff is out there."