Valley cab driver heroes save the day

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE, Ariz.-- Cabbies often do more than just drive people to and from their destinations. Sometimes, they save the day.

We've heard two different tales recently about Valley cab drivers coming to the rescue. One helped bring a life into the world; another helped save a life.

Cab drivers never know who's going to get in their cab with each call, and that's what keeps driving very interesting. "I get to drive around in an air conditioned mobile office. I get to meet exciting, unusual bizarre people, and I get paid for it," said Discount Cab driver William Brough.

The caterer-turned-cabbie loves the people he drives around and loves hearing their taxi cab confessions. But sometimes, Discount Cab tells us, it's the cabbies themselves who have the best stories to tell.

"I saw something laying in the street and thought it was a rug," said Brough. Turns out, it was the body of a man who lives on that street. He was taking his morning walk with the dog when he fell on his face and could not get up.

Brough called 911 and got the man help, likely saving his life. Fellow Discount cabbie, Kurt Wagstaff, is credited with bringing a life into this world.

"I was sitting here like this, in between, didn't really have anything going, and a guy walks up," said Wagstaff. With the guy was a very pregnant woman who was ready to give birth.

"The woman takes over show, saying baby baby, I'm not going to make it," said Wagstaff. That woman hopped in the back of the cab. Two good Samaritans helped her give birth.

Wagstaff never even got the car out of park before the baby was born. He says that day only ranks in the top ten oddest days on the job. When 3TV asked him what could top that he laughed: "We don't have enough time!"