3OYS warning: 'Tis the season for holiday scams

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- While retailers are looking to rake it in, consumers are looking for the best deals in town and online scammers are out there too looking to rip you off.

One trick is through a so-called package delivery scam. Felicia Thompson is with the Better Business Bureau in Phoenix, Arizona. "Something that we see that people actually fall for are these fraudulent delivery scam e-mails," she says.
Felicia goes on to describe how the scam works. "They're saying that you have a package waiting for you," she explains. "They're using well-known companies like FedEx, things like that to say we need more information or we had trouble delivering so give us your information, and they make the situation seem legitimate."

The scammer convinces consumers to give up personal information or they trick you into clicking on a legitimate looking link. The link, however, is malicious and can infect your computer. And speaking of malicious links, Felicia says there's also an e-card scam out there.

"People like to send e-greeting cards, electronic greeting cards, we are seeing those having attachments to malicious viruses and malwares," she says.

So while you're doing your shopping online, remember, be vigilant, and pay close attention to what you click on. "It's an opportunity for someone to come into our personal space and take advantage of those situations so it's really important to pay attention and realize you can't let your guard down," she says.