Phoenix City Council to vote on fate of Brophy pool

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- It's been a landmark in the Biltmore area for 25 years, but a pool that has been the training facility to hundreds of Olympians is one vote away from being no more.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Phoenix City Council will vote to lift a special use permit that allows the pool to stay in the neighborhood off Campbell Avenue and 24th Street.

If they vote to lift, it would likely lead the way to the development of 35 new homes.

Brophy College Preparatory owns the property and expressed interest in selling earlier this year. The school had a proposal from Ryland Homes, but after a lot of backlash from the public due to the pool's rich history, Brophy re-introduced the property for bid.

However, after months they appear to be headed in the direction of selling to Ryland.

Brent Rutemiller who helped design the facility 25 years ago is hoping a miracle can save the facility.

"The property has been priceless in helping kids learn to swim, building athletes and has become a center of pride for the community," he said.

The Phoenix City Council is being asked to "take action" on the measure. The meeting is at 3 p.m.