Police find 'guardian angel' who helped save woman pinned under car

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX --  Phoenix police say they have found the good Samaritan who is credited with helping a woman who became pinned under her car following a collision with another vehicle.

The crash happened last week at the intersection of Third Avenue and Bell Road. When 73-year-old Joann Lang was hit, her car flipped several times. The car landed on her arm. Joann's limb was pinned beneath the vehicle and she was bleeding profusely.

Police Sgt. Steve Martos said the good Samaritan came along and used his belt as a tourniquet, comforting Joann until rescue crews arrived. He then disappeared. Medics say his quick actions probably saved Joann's life.

Police were able to finally locate that young "guardian angel" on Tuesday. He is 19-year-old Lucas Robinson. He was working at a car wash last Thursday when he heard the crash and he rushed over to help.

Joann's husband, Leon Lang, was finally able to say a personal thank you to Lucas for saving his wife's life.

Joann lost part of her left arm but will be talking to doctors about a prosthetic. And Lucas and Leon will meet again. Joann is keeping hold of Lucas' belt until she can formally thank him for what he did.