Celebrity Style Inspiration

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Celebrity Styles

By: Fashion Stylist, Jennifer O'Bannon

Celebrities. You know them, you love them and you may even want to be like them! Well, you can take their style and make it your own. There is usually one celebrity who catches your eye each time you see them. There is that particular fashion sense and use of pieces you just enjoy when you see them on television or in the magazines.
Taylor Swift enjoys presentling her youthful spirit wearing playful prints. Where Diane Keaton continues to embrace her career lanching role as Annie Hall wearing classic men's wear pieces. So, go ahead, channel your inner J LO!

Taylor Swift is youthful prints and patterns (floral, stripes and knit hat))
Zooey Dashenal is retro vintage prep (full skirt dress and flats)
Jennifer Lawrence is a relaxed bohemian, loose and flowing ( long skirts off shoulder tops)
Jennifer Aniston is simple urban chic rocking contemporary simplicity (boots and scarves)
Jennifer Lopez is rock glamour
Diane Keaton sports classic tailored men's wear ( white shirt, fitted jacket bowler hat)