T-Mobile customer overcharged

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A cell phone billing error was costing a woman and her niece hundreds of dollars. And when the women couldn't fix the problem, they turned to 3 On Your Side.

Rosa Mendez would do anything anything for her family. "I work hard for them," Mendez said.  "So I tried to provide the best I can for them."

And one of those family members is her niece, Diana Lopez."I tried to help my niece because she's by herself," Mendez said.  "Single mother and just a high school graduate."

So when her niece landed a job, Mendez had no problems helping her get a phone.

"We went to the T-Mobile store cause that's where the phone was that she wanted," Mendez said.  "And I helped her; I helped her to get the phone ."

Mendez helped by co-signing the account to help establish her niece's credit.  The account was in good standing and eventually it transferred to her niece's name only.

But when T-Mobile came up with a "no contract" policy, Diana decided to cancel her T-Mobile service, especially since she was told she wouldn't be penalized with a cancellation fee, and would just have to pay her remaining bill balance.

"After I told them, they said, OK," Lopez said.  "It's gonna be $70 and some change.  So I said, OK.  I'm gonna use my debit card."

So Anna gave her account information, and thought that after paying the $70, she was done. But she had to think again, after checking her bank account.

"And it said, that they had withdrawn $233.29," Lopez said.  "After I found that out, I called them and I tried to figure out what was going on."

Lopez said she couldn't get any clear answers, and was shocked when T-Mobile withdrew another $200 a few weeks later.

"I couldn't afford to pay them the first time or the second time," Lopez said.  "Nonetheless the third time."

But it didn't stop there, T-Mobile then billed her aunt and threatened to send her to collections. That's when the women contacted 3 On Your Side.

"They've taken out $233 twice," Lopez said.  "That's almost $500.  Plus the $233 that they're trying to take out of my aunt's money as well."

3 On Your Side contacted T-Mobile. The company couldn't give us any account information but promised to look into the matter. And they did, immediately, crediting back Lopez's account and taking Mendez out of collections.