Shopping Online

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The holiday shopping season is officially here and I have several ways to save even more money shopping online.

Go through Ebates. Search for the site you want to shop at (they have thousands available), click "shop now" and you'll get anywhere from 1-40% cash back. The money will go into your Ebates account and they'll mail you a check a couple of times a year. If you go through my site, you'll earn a $10 gift card to Target, Walmart, Macy's, or Kohl's after your first $25 purchase through Ebates too! Picture attached.

Log-in on Cyber Monday AND Black Friday. Several online retailers actually offer great deals on Black Friday. In fact, the Apple Store has been known to discount products that they don't discount for the entire rest of the year on Black Friday.

Find a promo code BEFORE you buy. My site is a great resource to check each and every day because I love to talk about the best new promo codes available.  If you can find a great sale and get a promo code good for extra savings on top of it, you'll do really well.  You can often STACK promo codes too, getting free shipping and a percentage off on the same order.

Shop online AND in store. I've seen a few half price vouchers available this year. In the past week I've found $20 certificates to use at The Body Shop for $10 and $50 certificates to use at Brookstone for $25. I've seen promo codes for up to 25% off the half price vouchers, making the prices even LESS expensive. AND you can use them toward sale items! Isn't savings on top of savings on top of savings great?

Shopping online can score you cash back, save you time, gas, and a whole lot of headache!
Happy shopping!