Mystery man saves woman; police hope to locate & thank him

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police are searching for a mystery man who's being hailed as a hero for his life-saving actions.

On the afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 14, a 73-year-woman was driving in the area of 3rd Avenue and Bell Road in north Phoenix, when another vehicle collided with her car. The collision resulted in her car overturning and spinning multiple times before coming to a complete stop on the driver's side.

The car landed on the woman's left arm, pinning the limb and almost completely severing it. She began bleeding profusely.

When a Phoenix Motor Officer arrived at the scene of the accident, he found a man there who had removed his belt and was using it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Despite the danger, this Good Samaritan wedged himself into a small opening underneath the vehicle in order to reach the woman.

When the officer approached, he observed this citizen providing aid, but more importantly, he heard this man providing comfort and support to the woman as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Once additional help arrived, rescuers proceeded to extricate the woman from the vehicle. The entire top portion of the vehicle had to be removed before she could be tended to. Once out, she was rushed to an area hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. Despite their best efforts, medical personnel could not save her arm.

As officers were completing their scene investigation they went looking for this mystery man who had helped; however, the "Good Samaritan" was nowhere to be found. All he left behind was a belt, as well as a family and a police department who owe him a debt of gratitude.

Police say if it had not been for the selfless act of this man, the victim would have lost more than her arm that afternoon; she probably would have lost her life.

Officers later learned that the victim is married to a retired military colonel. She volunteers her time helping retired military through the "Airmen's Attic." The afternoon of the collision, she was en route to pick up donations for the organization.

The woman and her family, as well as the Phoenix Police Department, would like to locate this individual to thank him for his actions. Trouble is, no one knows who he is or how to locate him.

Here's a photo of the crash site. If you believe you know who the Good Samaritan might be, you are asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department.