3OYS: Customer says home security system not so secure

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Veronica Johnson had an alarm system for more than three years. And whether she was home or not home, she always kept it turned on, because it made her feel safe. And that's why she paid almost $30 a month to have the system. But little did she know that part of the system was actually never even hooked up. In October, Veronica said burglars kicked in the glass and entered her home.

It was a day Veronica says she will never forget. "They went in the hallway; I guess they kicked in the other door," she says.

Veronica was devastated and frustrated, but thankful no one was hurt during the recent break-in. The burglars didn't harm her dog, but did manage to keep him quiet. "They took some chicken out the refrigerator put it on a tray and put it in there with him and he ate it," she says. "He loves to eat. You know, to keep him quiet."

But what also remained quiet was Veronica's armed alarm system. "I called Central Security Group and I let them know their system failed."

She was paying Central Security Group nearly $30 a month for her alarm system. "I felt violated. It’s an awful feeling having people walking through your house," she says.

Veronica says a technician came out to check both the primary and backup system in a closet and confirmed her fears. "He apologized. He was like, ma'am, I’m so sorry I don't know who did your installation, but it wasn't complete."

Shocked, Veronica called a Central Security Group representative. "I had a break-in in my house and it didn't go off, and I explained to them what happened, and they pretty much told me what did you expect? They cut the electric off, and I’m like I’m supposed to have this backup," she says.

Veronica went on to say, "I’ve been paying for this system for three and a half years and I wasn't even protected."

Protection is very important for this single mom, "I feel like I failed them," she says of her kids. "I don't want to cry but I feel like I failed my kids and myself."

Veronica had another security company come out to install a new wireless system. She also contacted 3 On Your Side in an effort to recoup the $1,600 she says she shelled out for repairs.

Just 24 hours after we got involved, the same Central Security Group representative who first told her they weren't going to do a thing agreed to send her a $1,000 check. She’s forever grateful to 3 On Your Side. "God bless, God bless you, I love you," she says. "Thank you, thank you, thank you for like, just being people of integrity and standing for right because for them to create this type of program, it means you care about the public."

Central Security Group was great to work with, and immediately resolved this issue. Veronica used the money help make repairs.