Scottsdale business cleans up after Bar Rescue

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-- Stand Up Scottsdale is still cleaning up after its appearance on the Spike Network show "Bar Rescue".

"It was like one of my favorite shows. Of the shows i would watch, that would be it," said Stand Up Scottsdale owner Howard Hughes II.

When the comedian became a bar owner for the first time, he knew who to call in for back up. "It's an old buiding. It was Anderson's Fifth Estate since 1981 and it needed a lot of upkeep that we didn't have the funds for," said Hughes.

He says Bar Rescue made a lot of changes in the comedy club earlier this year, like a big green room for the comedians. It looks great but it took out 60 seats, meaning 60 fewer paying customers to get in the door.

The paint they chose and the sign they put up, Hughes says, were not in compliance with the City of Scottsdale, and he says he was not portrayed properly.

"Things that were from different days were dubbed in, and it was like you were watching something you had no history of," said Hughes.

After Bar Rescue wrapped up, Hughes says he was left with a $3K tab to replace the seats they took away. But he says, with all that still has to be fixed in his bar and with the city, he still gets the last laugh when people come in to see the comedy club they saw on TV.

"You can't put a price on the notoriety that comes with that," he said. Hughes said he just received an email Thursday night from the show producers. They will be replacing the sign and sent him an email with the new mock up for the design. 3TV also spoke with Chilleen's on 17. The bar and restaurant was also on Bar Rescue. The family says they had a great experience and are still in touch with producers. They say the show has done so much for their business, attracting new diners and tourists to the restaurant.