Two men found in Glendale woman's attic

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE -- Glendale Police nabbed two men in a woman's attic, after the men led the officers on a foot chase.

It started Thursday afternoon, as Glendale officers went after the pair for allegedly burglarizing a nearby home.

While trying to avoid police, the pair slammed their vehicle into a Dodge Ram truck at Camelback and El  Mirage Road. After the collision, the two suspects took off on foot into a nearby neighborhood.

Nearby Wigwam Creek Middle School was placed on lockdown for a brief time, for safety.

At the time, Wesley Rockwell was smoking a cigarette in his backyard when he says the suspects approached him.

"They walked up right to me and asked if I could help them out. I said no," Rockwell says. "They said please, we'll give you a thousand bucks."

Despite the incentive, Rockwell told the two guys to get off his property.

Police say the two men then went through his neighbor's window and hid inside the attic.

"They hopped into her backyard," Rockwell says. "And by that time, I came inside and started calling 911."

The suspects are now in Glendale P.D. custody, facing burglary charges and possibly other charges.