Tag artist turns to Kickstarter for funds

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PEORIA, Ariz.-- An Arizona tag artist is asking for money on Kickstarter.com to help bring his business to the next level. He wants to grow his brand of Sloth Clothing and needs some help to do it.

"A lot of people associate sloth with being lazy," he says.

That's not what his brand is supposed to be. "Sloth is supposed to represent more laid back, stop-and-smell-the-roses type of deal," said Tim Ham, Jr.

Ham says creating through spray paint is where he found his bliss. "When I was in the corporate world, I'd preach to my friends that you have to follow your bliss and it hit me that I was only half doing that," Ham said.

He wanted to leave his corporate job and make Sloth T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies his new full-time gig.

So to give his business a push, he sold his car. "If it's raining, you still have to ride your bike. Wiping out on my way to work wasn't very fun," said Ham.

Business boomed, and he now works full-time out of his house and his garage. But he's having trouble keeping up with so many orders. So he turned to the website Kickstarter for help.

"I have some musician friends who've done it and it's helped them," said Ham. Kickstarter.com is where his cult following, street artist fans, or just strangers can donate to the cause in exchange for a sticker or a T-shirt.

Ham gets 30 days to raise his goal of $15K. "It can help kickstart us with inventory and buying our clothing," he said. Ham wants better quality and better service for his customers. He hopes when people wear Sloth gear, they live and spread the word of the Sloth life.

"There's a positive message that they can do what they want to do. They can follow their bliss," he says.

Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if Ham does not raise the full $15K, all the donations are canceled. To see how he is doing or to donate go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iamsloth/sloth-clothing .