Spray gray hair away quickly and simply

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Nobody like to see those strands of gray in their hair, but keeping them hidden can be a never-ending battle. I found and instant, convenient fix that extends the life of your hair color between salon visits and ensures your grays stay out of sight.

It's called Style Edit Conceal.

Its a must-have product to get you through the days leading up to your next salon visit to cover those pesky grays.

The convenient touch-up spray is a temporary solution to help extend the life of your hair color.

It looks and feels natural, it doesn't weigh your hair down, and it washes out easily.

Style Edit works in seconds and dries in minutes. It doesn’t flake or rub off, even after brushing, and it washes out with shampoo.

Even better, Style Edit Conceal doesn’t require a hairspray to lock in the product and it comes in a variety of colors.

Its available for less than $20 at professional salons, including Salon Michele Rene inside Spark Salon Suite.

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