2 Yuma men shocked setting up radio antenna on Telegraph Pass

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YUMA, Ariz. – Two Yuma men were shocked as they were setting up a radio communication antenna on Telegraph Pass Tuesday morning.

Deputies with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office responded to the area at about 5:40 a.m. and met with a group that was setting up the 40-foot-tall antenna.

Deputies learned that the men were getting radio interference and realized the antenna was next to power lines, according to sheriff's office spokesman Alfonso Zavala.

Zavala said the men had not noticed the wires overhead due to darkness.

They attempted to move the antenna when it made contact with the electric wires.

One of the men, identified as Jim Bush, was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center with moderate burns to his hand and lower leg. He is in stable condition.

The other man, identified as Dennis Knight, refused medical attention.

Bush and Knight are active members of the Yuma County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, but they were not involved in any sanctioned sheriff's office event at the time of the incident.