Gifts Galore & More Ideas for Holiday Shopping

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With just a little more than six weeks left before Christmas, the clock is ticking.  So to give you some shopping help, here are some gift ideas for everyone in the family, even the family pet.  Take a look...

For Mom:
*Miallegro MiTutto Immersion Hand Blender ($69.99 at -- I received a hand blender last Christmas and I love mine, so I know that women who cook would like one of these, too.  I like this blender because it is lightweight, easy to store and can do all sorts of things like blend, mix, crush, chop, grind, whip and puree.  It is also easy to clean and it can even whip up eggs and fluffy whipped cream. 

For The Teenager/iPhone Accessory Lover:
* The iCreation speeCup ($129; is a Bluetooth wireless speaker with gesture control and it is Siri/S voice enabled. This portable 8” tall speaker is designed to play music and function as a hands-free speakerphone in the car, bedroom or bicycle. It's a snap to set up, and its sound quality, performance and features are impressive.  It converts any smart phone into a hands-free device for added driving safety. The speeCup fits perfectly in a car's cup holder, but also works in a backpack or bicycle bottle rack or on a desk or bookshelf.

*Phogo Case for iPhone (Phogo case is $34.95 or get Phogo Photo Bundle Kit for $49 at iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, but the Phogo is different. Not only does this case protect your phone, it turns it into a powerhouse photographic device. The Phogo allows you to mount your iPhone to a tripod, monpod or bike mount, has custom opening for wide, macro and telephoto lenses, and has a sun hood accessory for better outdoor visibility and privacy. It is also works as a handy stand for the phone and it can be used both in landscape and portrait mode.  The case fits easily in a pocket or can clip to a lanyard to camera bag. Despite its functionality, it preserves the slim design of the phone.  Although I list this under a teenaged gift idea, I like it, too.

For the Athlete:

*The ScoreBand ScoreBand ($24.99 and is available online at, or online retailers,, and  The ScoreBand is a handy 4-in-1 scorekeeping wristband designed for sports. ScoreBand offers four quick-touch scoring modes: golf (keep hole and round score), tennis (keep game and set score), all sports (keep score, statistics and counts) and watch. It's slim, lightweight and water-resistant. When the game is over, leave ScoreBand in "time" mode as a comfortable, lightweight timepiece for everyday use.

For the Tween Girl:

* The Erase Case ($24.99;  For creative girls who want to change up their smart phone case design again and again, this is the perfect gift.  It’s the iPhone/iPad/Samsung Galaxy 3/iPod Touch case that you get to design or color any way you want. The permanent markers stay in place until you use a special Erase Case Cleaning Solution that comes standard with each kit.   The Erase Case can be wiped clean within seconds and then it can be re-customized in seconds with the creative Erase Case.

*The Hot Iron Holster ($29.95 at  Invented by a mother of three and former ER nurse, the Hot Iron Holster is a heat resistant silicone pouch that solves the problem of where to put hot styling tools, adding counter space to cluttered sinks. The silicone material allows the Hot Iron Holster to cling to any smooth surface without suction cups or adhesives and will hold anything from a curling iron, a blow dryer, to make-up—whatever you would like out of the way. Not only does the hot iron holster help to keep your tween, teen and yourself organized, but it also keeps everyone safe.  The Hot Iron Holster can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so you can place your styling tools in it while you are using them and prevent from burning yourself.  As a Mom, I absolutely love this for my daughter and for myself.

For the Pets:
*Cat Playhouse Cat DJ Scratching Deck ($27 at If you have cats, you and your feline will love this unique item.  It looks like a funky DJ turntable that plays tunes, but this table actually acts as a fun scratching post for your kitty.  My cat knew just what to do when we tested it out and it made us laugh watching him because as he used this funny scratching post, it looked like he was a DJ at a party.  Fun gift for cat lovers.

*Body Glove Warming Mat for Dogs and Cats (starts at $26 for small mat at Keep your dog or cat cozy warm this winter with the Body Glove pressure activated warming mat.  It automatically turns on when a pet gets on it and turns off when the pet leaves.

Gifts to Take to the Host:
*Big Betty Wine Glass ( for $17.99) Want to take a humorous gift to the wine loving host?  Get the Big Betty Wine Glass that holds an entire bottle of wine in one glass!

*Botskis Tis the Season blinking snowman or the Holiday Cheers Musical wine bottle tie ($7.99 each at Total Wine).  These cute wine bottle toppers hang nicely in front of the bottle and sports a blinking snowman which is festive and fun or choose the Holiday Cheers Musical and holiday music plays when the wine bottle tie is pressed.

*The Unruly Red Wine and Brie gift box set ($19.95 at BevMo) -- choose this prepackaged set or several others that BevMo has conveniently put together so that you can grab the perfect host gift.