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Monday, No. 11 - Melt Your Fat Fast
Are you smarter than your hormones? Today, Dr. Oz teaches us how to trick our hormones into helping us shed the pounds with foods that kick our bodies into high gear. Dr. Oz is joined by Dr. Natasha Turner, whose new book "The Supercharged Hormone Diet" explains how to melt your fat for good.

Tuesday, Nov. 12 - Camille Grammer Exclusive
In an exclusive interview, former Beverly Hills Housewife Camille Grammer opens up to Dr. Oz about her cancer crisis and the cutting edge surgery that saved her life. Camille wants to share how important it is for women to understand the most common reproductive cancer they can face - endometrial cancer.

Wednesday, Nov. 13 - Could You Survive?
If a fire breaks out, do you know what to do? Experts say it takes only seconds for a small fire to get out of control, causing unfathomable destruction and even death. Investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy joins Dr. Oz to teach us how to think clearly and move quickly during a fire - because death is not an option.

Thursday, Nov. 14 - Controversial Heath Scares: Are You Safe or Not?
The rumors and chatter are endless - every week there seems to be a new health scare headline making the rounds. Dr. Oz wants you to know which controversial health statements are real and which are ridiculous. Dr. Oz has asked America's premiere alternative health doctor, Andy Weil, to set the record straight on some of the most disturbing health scares out there.

Friday, Nov. 15 - The Hottest Health Secrets From Men In Hollywood With Taye Diggs
Today Dr. Oz is joined by the irresistible cast of the new film "The Best Man Holiday." With actors Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, and Harold Perrineau in the studio, Dr. Oz just has to ask - what heath secrets are these hot Hollywood stars hiding? Their answers are certainly worth waiting for!