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Epic Thrift
4377 W. Bell Road
Glendale, AZ 85308

Epic Thrift is hosting a Veterans Day "Stuff the Truck" event for Children of Veterans Foundation (COV) to collect more than 11,111 pounds of household goods and clothing items to support local veterans and their families. Epic Thrift will have a truck located at its new Glendale store at 43rd Ave. and Bell Road, and will be accepting donations at all Epic Valley locations.

Donations for the Children of Veterans "Stuff the Truck" event will be accepted starting Nov. 9 through Veterans Day, Nov. 11. 

Epic Thrift is an active community partner and has an ongoing relationship with COV, which provides donations to assist veteran families and support veteran organizations. All items donated to Epic Thrift stores benefit the COV Foundation. Epic Thrift, in collaboration with its supply chain partners, has donated on average approximately $8,000 per month to COV in 2013.

In addition to supporting local veterans through the COV Foundation, Epic Thrift employs and continuously seeks veterans to be a part of its expanding store teams.

"We have set a positive example for our community by actively supporting local veterans through our partnership with the Children of Veterans Foundation as well as employing veterans," said Brian Davidson, managing member of Epic Thrift. "Now we are calling on the public to help us obtain our Veterans Day goal of collecting 11,111 pounds of household goods and clothes for the local veteran community."

Epic Thrift stores are located at 1927 N. Gilbert Rd. in Mesa, 18631 N. 19th Ave. in Phoenix, and 4377 W. Bell Rd. in Glendale. Store hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

About Epic Thrift
Phoenix-based Epic Thrift is redefining thrift by emphasizing quality in both merchandise and the overall shopping experience. Epic Thrift is focused on the development of community partnerships and is a major supporter of Children of Veterans (COV) by accepting donations and providing tax reimbursements for donation. Established in 2011 by former commercial construction entrepreneurs Wayne and Bob Riggs along with Brian Davidson, Epic Thrift is planning a rapid expansion throughout the southwest in 2014. For more information call 1-855-636-EPIC or visit


How to Tile a Backsplash

Tiling your Backsplash is a great way to add elegance, beauty and an updated look to your kitchen.

Tools and Materials:
-Tile, Deco Tile for inserts (optional)
-Thin set
-Notched Trowel, Grout Float, Pointed Hand Trowel, Tiling Sponge
-Tile Saw (Wet Saw)
-Spacers (optional)
-Tape Measure and wax pencils (to mark tiles that need to be cut)
-New Outlets, Switches and Cover Plates (optional)

-Measure the backsplash area, multiply width times height in inches and divide by 144 to get the square footage.
-To select New Backsplash tiles, bring samples of flooring, countertop, paint and door or drawer from your cabinetry into the Home Depot to help coordinate everything.
-Remove old backsplash, if you have a 4" high separate splash, remove before continuing.
-Prepare the backsplash surface, repair drywall if needed, apply paint primer to surface or clean with TSP.
-Decide on a pattern, inserts, tile direction (straight or diagonal).
-Use Pre-mixed thin set or powdered thinset (mixed with water to a thick peanut butter consistency.
-Either spread thin set to the wall using a notched trowel (size varies based on tile selection) or hand butter the back of each piece as you go for more time and control.
-Apply Tile to the backsplash area.  Begin pattern at a visible end, working your way around.
-Measure and cut tiles on the Tile Saw for at the base of countertop, at the top of backsplash underneath the cabinets, for around inserts and for around outlets and switches as you go.
-Allow to set and dry at least 24 hours.
-If using Natural Stone, Granite or any porous material, SEAL tile before grouting, (apply multiple coats until sealer beads up and will not penetrate any more)
*if you don't seal, grout color will penetrate tile and change the coloring.
-Allow sealer to dry overnight.
-Mix sanded grout with water to an oatmeal consistency.
-Spread grout in all joints with grout float.
-Wipe off excess with a grout sponge. 2 swipes on each side of the sponge then rinse the sponge, if you don't rinse frequently, tile will never come clean.
-Allow grout to dry overnight.
-Seal again, over entire surface if using natural stone, if not just seal the grout.
(Sealing will assist with clean ability and enriches the color)


20 Lounge Nail Bar
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Amalfi Pizzeria
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