World War II veterans get a chance to see Washington, D.C.

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- World War II Veterans from Arizona come home from a special trip.  They left Tuesday to see the memorials in Washington, D.C.

When they returned Thursday afternoon, the reception they got from the crowd might have just been the highlight of the trip.

Travelers at the bustling terminal four at Sky Harbor Airport stopped to applaud, to honor, and to sing.

"This was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me," said World War II Veteran Jose Wirebaug. 

Some 30 World War II Veterans received a well deserved hero’s welcome some 70 years after the war. 

They are returning home from a two day trip to Washington, D.C. through Honor Flight.  It's a group that takes World War II vets to see the memorials in our nation’s capitol. 

They visited the World War II Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the U.S. capitol, and many other D.C. memorials.

"These folks gave so much and came home and never expected anything," said Rick Hardina of Honor Flight. 

Marilyn Granados took the trip with her father, a World War II vet. 

"It was the most whirlwind, fantastic, emotional, beautiful time," she said.  

It is a trip of a lifetime for these vets.  Many of them are in their nineties and have never seen the memorials in person.

It costs $900 per veteran for Honor Flight and it comes at no cost to the vets. 

If you would like to donate to Honor Flight, you can do so at