Two new ways veterans are dealing with PTSD

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A new phone application called "Position Report" is making waves in the military veteran community.

It's a new way for vets to socialize, especially those who might struggle during the transition of a military life to a civilian one.

"It's hard to talk to someone who has never seen what I have seen and can't understand where I am coming from," said De Parker.

Parker served in the United States Air Force with one tour to Iraq under her belt.

Parker says she loves the concept of the new phone app.

During the sign in process, the app requires information to verify that you are a vet.

After, you can create a profile and chat with fellow vets, look up services and even see who is close to you to build friendships.

The app is only available for the iPhone right now, but an Android version is in the works.

Another way some veterans are overcoming their struggles with PTSD is through "Soldiers Best Friend".

It's a non-profit  that places struggling vets with a service dog.

"She goes everywhere, so it allows us to go to more places and be more active, "said Army veteran Bobby Williams.

Local veterinarian John Burnhan started the program to help reduce the amount of shelter dogs while also helping struggling vets with anxiety and trust issues.

"They have a living animal that they can now trust 100 percent, there is also a security factor, "said Burnhan.

"They feel safe when they are out in public with the dog present," Burnhan said.

 "She is about hope and second chances because she was a rescue," said Parker.