Valley father upset with Aflac

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- William Humphrey stays busy raising three kids, but he also wants to make sure he stays protected in case any medical emergencies arise.

"I decided to get the sickness and health plan to cover the hospital bills and different things like that if they get sick," Humphrey said.

Humphrey purchased a supplemental medical plan with Aflac and has been paying his monthly premiums for more than a year.  He thought the "plan" was supposed to reimburse him if he or his kids faced a medical emergency.

Recently, two of his children were hospitalized, but when Humphrey submitted his claim to Aflac for reimbursement, he got a letter in the mail a week later.

"I got letters asking me, well it was telling me that my whole account was gonna go over review," Humphrey said.

After 15 months of taking his monthly payments, Humphrey said Aflac insurance is now telling him they need to review his account to see if he was eligible for coverage to begin with.

"They took my money, they accepted my money.  Now they want to know if the money I was paying them is for anything," Humphrey said.

Three On Your Side contacted Aflac, which due to privacy reasons couldn't comment but they did promise to look into the matter right away.  And they did.

Aflac sent Humphrey this letter: "Upon receipt of your concerns, we have determined that we would not continue to peruse our review of eligibility and allow you to keep the coverage as an exception.

They also sent him his reimbursement checks totaling $1,500.  Humphrey said he couldn't be any happier.