Combat paramedics discuss fatal I-10 accident

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The aftermath of a major accident on I-10 near Picacho Peak involving 19 big rigs, trucks and cars during a dust storm was devastating.
“I saw a truck at a 40 degree angle, I seen a passenger inside,” said Lt. Caleb.
Moments after the chain reaction accident, where three drivers were killed and more than 20 injured, eight airmen from the 48th Rescue Squadron  of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base came upon the chaos.
“We drove by in separate vehicles and we didn't see any EMS, “said one of the airmen.
“At that point we could see one of the patients walking down, had blood on his nose and ears,“ said Lt. Caleb.
The men were combat paramedics, trained for moments like this, so without hesitation they all jumped into action.
“We were trained to deal with mass casualties situations, one of our primary jobs, “ said Sgt. David.
The men said victims were confused and scared, until they saw their uniforms.
“It's amazing to see someone smiling with a broken arm but in good spirits because you're here, “said David.
The airmen pulled five people trapped in their cars to safety and coordinated medical flights, just another mission accomplished for these eight men.
Only this time, not so top-secret and finally some well deserved recognition for the heroes they are.