3OYS Investigation leads to prison time for contractor

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The last time 3 On Your Side caught up with Roger Stowe, he thought he was meeting another customer to rip off. 

But instead, he met Gary Harper and Phoenix police officers who were waiting for him. 

"Are you Roger Stowe?" officers asked as they approached Stowe. "You're under arrest for an outstanding warrant," they told him.

Stowe may have been in handcuffs, but it was about to get a lot worse for him.  Following his arrest for an warrant he had, Stowe worked his way through the court system and just this week, he was in court and sentenced by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to two years in prison.
Stowe pleaded guilty to theft and contracting without a License.  

One of his victims was Joe Neuheisel, who hired Stowe to remodel his kitchen.  But after handing over nearly $3,600 to get the job started, Neuheisel says Roger Stowe never showed up and kept his money. 

In 3 On Your Side's first report, Neuheisel said, "I'm embarrassed because I let the guy snow ball me."

But when Harper eventually caught up with Stowe and had police arrest him on an unrelated arrest warrant, Stowe tried to explain it was a simple misunderstanding. 

"He (Neuheisel) canceled," Stowe said handcuffed and in the backseat of a police car. "Why do you believe him and not me."

Turns out, the judge who eventually handled his case didn't believe Stowe either.  Especially after an investigation by the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors revealed more than a half dozen other victims who also claim Stowe took their money and never showed back up to do any work.

According to his sentencing documents released this week, Stowe is required to pay back all the money he took from Neuheisel.  He's also required to pay back the other victims.  

The total amount of restitution is around $8,000.