Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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"Love any excuse to dress up! Be it a gala, a wedding or a party of any theme is always swell. However, the best dressing up day of the year is here.....Halloween! It is easy to join in the fun, even at the last minute. Walk to your own closet and let your imagination go. Think of characters from film, books or childhood tales. 
Working with recent trends in fashion, you may have just the right pieces to make a character. Right now the color olive is on trend as well as the safari feel that has been big in the summer season. Also using the color olive, you can pair it with the popular camoflage pattern that has been on trend for a while now to do an army theme. Going toward the classics, grab your "Little Black Dress" with pumps and pearls add a twist to your hair and your there.....Audrey Hepburn in "Breafast at Tiffsny's"! Or the easiest "go to" here is Arizona is the classic Cowboy with using your jeans, plaid shirt, bandana, cowboy hat (straw versions were trend a few years ago) and the boots we all love!
Happy Halloween!