Woman on the phone with victim in Phoenix shooting comes forward

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PEORIA, Ariz. -- A friend of the Phoenix family of four that was murdered on Saturday says she was on the phone with one of the victims when the shooting began.

"I still can't believe they're gone," Patty Burns told 3TV.

Burns worked with the first shooting victim, 66-year-old Bruce Moore, at BAP Auto.   He lived in a townhouse near 17th Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix.

Also living at the home were 42-year-old Michael "Mick" Moore and his wife, Renee, along with their 17-year-old son, Shannon.   All four were killed.

"He was a math whiz," Burns said of Shannon, who was supposed to graduate high school next year.

"We were on the phone talking like we always do before work, and I heard someone say, 'Whats up?'  Then all of a sudden I was yelling, 'Bruce, are you there?  Answer me!'  Then I heard a gunshot in the background," Burns recalls.

She arrived at the townhome to find it surrounded by police crime tape.

The Moores' neighbor, Michael Guzzo, shot each member of the family, plus their two dogs, before killing himself.

Guzzo's ex-wife told 3TV that he was troubled and unstable.  Most believe the Moores' barking dogs set him off Saturday morning.

Burns says the family had several run-ins with Guzzo, but never feared him.