Your Life A to Z Recipe: October 30, 2013 Fresh Seared Hamachi

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Your Life A to Z Recipe: Wednesday, October 30th

By: Chef Andrew Nam, Stingray Sushi/ Geisha A Go Go

Fresh Seared Hamachi

3.5 oz fresh yellowtail
1 oz red onions, julienned
2 oz petite greens
3 each grape tomato, cut into halves
1 oz white truffle oil
1 oz yuzu soy sauce
1. Cut yellowtail into thin slices and lay slices on a plate making sure to overlay each slice.  Take a hand torch and slightly sear the top of the yellowtail.
2. Take red onion and lay over yellowtail and then take tomatoes and place decoratively next to yellowtail slices
3. Drizzle yuzu soy and truffle oil over the yellowtail.
4. In a mixing bowl, toss petite greens with a little olive oil and kosher salt and then place over seared yellowtail.