Jodi Arias hand-writes 12-page letter, requesting new attorney

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX---  In a 12-page, handwritten letter, convicted murderer Jodi Arias asks the judge in her sentencing retrial for a new lead attorney.

Arias complains about her longtime defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, and says he is staying with her case for the money.

"His financial interest is greater than my legal interest," Arias writes, adding Nurmi is on, "the gravy train."

Arias also says Nurmi is unsympathetic toward her emotional and mental issues. Several times during her murder trial this spring, she was emotionally unable to continue in court. She says Nurmi told her to stop throwing "tantrums."

"Judge, this was no tantrum," she wrote, "Far from it. This was a full-blown emotional meltdown.  I wasn't throwing a fit  I was falling apart."

The letter is an official motion to change counsel, and is dated October 17th.

"We have had no communication," Arias says, adding she has not spoken to Nurmi since May.

She calls him, "rude, lazy, spiteful, and forgetful."