Doctors reveal hidden erogenous zones for men, women

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- When it comes to finding erogenous zones, most couples are aware of the obvious ones.

But on Monday's Good Morning Arizona, medical Expert Dr. Angela DeRosa and urologist Dr. Al Borhan had some guidance for areas that we could be missing.

It's a topic that's not always easy to discuss openly. "There's an element of embarrassment," says Dr. DeRosa. "As women, we've been taught to be ladylike and never talk about sex, so to actually talk to our partner about what we want, there's actually a big stigma associated with that."

Dr. Borhan says that studies show that men can have many erogenous zones, besides the 'expected' spots. "There are many areas like the inner thigh, and surprisingly, the back of your knee," he says. "Men's hands are very sensitive, and that was one of the newer things that came to the forefront."

Dr. DeRosa explains where women's so-called "hot spots' can be found. "Women love the lips," she says. "Also, the nape of the neck." The lower back and inner thigh are also considered erogenous zones for women.

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