Work-at-home parents: tips to avoid scams

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- With Christmas looming in less than two months, it would be a great time to find yourself with some extra cash.

If you're a stay at home parent, however, making extra money can be difficult. But on Monday's Good Morning Arizona, hiring expert Ryan Naylor joined us with some advice.

Naylor, who's with, says working from home is a growing trend. "You're looking at a lot of companies looking to save money and hire people from home," he says.

But he also cautions that it's important to avoid work-at-home scams. You should avoid any company that would ask you to pay for something before you begin.

"That's a great way for a scam artist to grab your payment information and start using it," Naylor says. "You've also got to make sure you don't set up direct deposit with these companies if you're not sure who they are."

Also, a professional recruiter will not be offing job opportunities from email addresses which seem suspicious, like or They will use professional email addresses with their company's name. 

Make sure to Google companies and do your research. There are many companies who offer review platforms on businesses so you can learn more about the company before applying. One great resource is On that site, you can see what others have said.

Another tip: copy and paste sections of the job offer or email correspondence, and "Google it".  Chances are, if it's a scam, the comapny has sent this same message to a large amount of people.

A few work from home options with companies her in the valley are:

-International Cruise and Excursions - Cruise Vacation Planner
-Best Western International - Regional Design Consultant
-SurveySay - Help conduct surveys about brands and companies is also sponsoring a job fair next Monday, where a number of stay-at-home positions will be featured.