Partially paralyzed Texas football manager gets his moment to shine

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FLOWER MOUND, Texas -- Every football team wants to score. Every team wants to be champions.

On Tuesday night in Flower Mound, Downing and Shadow Ridge middle schools put their rivalry to the side to give No. 91, Eiler Buck, a chance to play.

The 16-year-old was born with a brain malfunction.

His tongue is partially paralyzed. Sign language helps him communicate.

He has trouble walking. He uses a wheelchair and crutches.

Football is his passion. He has been the manager of the Downing Diamondbacks for nearly three years; always on the sidelines, cheering his teammates.

“He changed all of these boys' lives, my life,” said Downing Diamondbacks Coach Drew Libby.

The moment happened near the end of the first quarter, on the 40-yard line. Eiler fumbled the ball on the first play, but on the second play, he started walking toward the end zone.

His quarterback helped him with every step.

“Basically, it feels good that I did something for him,” said quarterback Jesse Corrales.

They all did their part so Eiler could score a touchdown.

“To see that kid go 40 yards without his crutches, carrying that football, was nothing short of amazing,” Coach Libby said. "It was a pretty awesome moment.”


It was a dream come true for Eiler, who has challenges, but the moment was also a lesson for his parents.

“We were both moved during the whole thing,” said Eiler’s dad, Alex Buck. “The stands were standing up, cheering from both schools.”

Mary Beth Buck told News 8, it’s a moment they will never forget.

“For us, it's amazing,” she said. “It's a learning thing for us; that sometimes when you are in this situation, sometimes you feel like you might be alone, that there are families that struggle, but they are with us. They struggle with us and they celebrate with us.”

They are still celebrating. Champions on and off the field.